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I have been organizing archives for a number of the forums, for improved indexing of the sites.

Alternative Energy Forums - Renewable energy is becoming incredibly important, and I hope this forum will help in some small way. 
Atlanta Dance - see what's going on in the Atlanta Dance Scene. 
Baseball Forums - Featuring articles by fans and even a writer from the Baseball Writer's Association (for over 28 years). 
Baseball Card Forums - all about baseball cards and baseball collectables.
Business Forums - talk about starting and owning a business. This forum is very new and still needs participants...a helping hand is appreciated!
Cooking and Food - now over 1000 helpful articles and recipes.
Craft Forum - do you like to make things at home? Well, here is the forum for you. New.
Dance Forums - articles and discussion on swing, salsa, tango and ballroom dancing. This is currently the largest forum of the plexus, with over 125,000 posts.
Doc Talk - latest discussion on this highly informative college course. 
Event Forums - A community focused on Sporting Events, Concerts and Theater
Fitness Forums - discussion on aerobics, nutrition, weight training and other fitness related topics. This is the second most popular community of the plexus, and recently reached 1,000 posts.
Healthcare Forums - A new plexus forum added 1/26/2005. Please show your support by dropping in and making a post. 
Insurance Forums - choosing insurance is difficult, and this community serves to help people with this very inportant task. 
Mortgage Forums - if you want to learn to invest in real estate, or simply want to purchase a home, it is always best to educate yourself. This forum is now active with several experts in the field. 
Outsource Forums - a place to find work or find help.
Pets Forum - started June 21st, 2004. If you have a pet or want a pet, let's talk! 
Photo Forums - a place for amateurs and professionals to talk about photography, from equipment to tips and techniques. This is a new forum and moderrators are needed, but please become an active participant before requesting a position.
Pretenders Forum - a Pretenders fan site.
Salsa Forums - discussion on salsa music and dance. Though this is a new community, we have received some top quality posts. It is now the third most popular forum in the Forum Plexus. 
Tango Forums - all things Argentine Tango! Well, actually it's not many things yet (laugh), but it could be! Please come and make some posts to help us get things going.
Tax Help Forums - A new forum that is part of Tax Help Central that is planned to be a great resource for people around tax time. 
Travel Forums - The third community of the plexus is still in development. If you are interested in helping us moderate this forum, please start by making some posts,and then you can apply for a Moderator position.